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The team at LA PRO INC. is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest performance styling tools on the market. Backed by our manufacturers’ lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service we have garnered utmost respect from industry professionals and clients alike. Our philosophy is that everyone has the potential to achieve their desired hair style and look professionally groomed every day. We know that given the right tools and knowledge you can achieve any desired look quickly and without hassle! LA PRO products are of the highest quality and engineering. They are designed to promote healthy hair instead of damaging it overtime as other tools on the market do.

Each LA PRO product has been developed with meticulous attention to detail, innovation and design, followed by strict quality control. Every hair iron, curler and hair dryer is designed to give professionals the ability to give their clients unsurpassed looks while caring for the health of the hair. Whether you are a professional looking to upgrade the styling tools at your salon or a do-it-yourselfer, LA PRO delivers the quality and design you’re looking for. There is a reason LA PRO is trusted, loved and recommended by seasoned professionals across North America.

We understand how frustrating it can be to maintain smooth, shiny and healthy looking hair while using hot styling tools on a regular basis. We’ve been there; and after years of personal frustration and listening to the aggravation of others we finally developed the right technology to actually enhance the strength and shine of your hair with the use of your LA PRO hair tools. No matter what your hair type, there is a LA PRO product that’s right for you!

Our mission:  to develop high performance, affordable, technically-advanced appliances for professional and at-home use. You will find us wherever there is great hair!

Whether creating a beautiful up-do or a natural sleek look, women and hair designers around the world use LA PRO tools to make other heads turn.

Be your own stylist... You will never have a bad hair day again!!

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